Ongoing support for those dedicated to the Acquaviva Yoga Journey

Acquaviva Student Support (AV students only)

Ongoing support with Marc, Abigail and Jane (Tuesdays 11:30am GMT). And access to Course Videos. Acquaviva Students & Graduates only

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About this course

An Acquaviva School of Yoga Student Resource

These weekly live and interactive sessions are for those dedicated to the Acquaviva approach, and if you sign up here you can also be given access to the current Acquaviva Course Workshop Videos (by request).

If you are currently attending one of the Acquaviva Yoga and Development Courses in Brighton, weekly sessions and access to course videos are free (email me for the coupon code to use after clicking "Buy now") that want to take advantage of  on-theme support in between workshops. 

 N.B. there is a discount for AV graduates and trainees in  Scotland if you are paying Jane directly for each Sunday workshop that she puts on this year... It is free from Sept if you are joining the 4-part intensive.

Acquaviva graduates (or longterm students) are the only other people that may have access to these sessions (and to the films of the current Course Workshops).  

If you miss a support session, recordings of each Zoom session posted on the Lesson page of this course.

The Acquaviva main  workshop videos are posted on the current Acquaviva Student Resources page.  (Course videos are necessarily private, so I need to give you direct permission on  Vimeo  - if you want to see course videos,  sign up to vimeo and then follow me -  so that I can find you to give you permission on videos)


Course content

Section 1

Weekly Support Sessions

Meet the expert

Marc J Acquaviva

Yoga saved my soul.... I began practicing yoga in the 'Scaravelli-inspired' style at the age of 30 in 1991, and I used it to find my way out of a great deal of chronic physical pain. In the process I discovered my own ways of looking at the body that later allowed me to help others become free of various diagnosable physical issues, and I have been sharing this with people since 1999. Its effectiveness has led me to define my own style (and School) of Yoga: running courses, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. My mission is to spread this work as far as I can, and with the advancement of online technology, this is becoming more possible. At 57 I feel like I am at the beginning of my life! and I want to share this possibility with the rest of the world.

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