A course of 7 weekly themed and guided yoga sessions to restore and re-awaken your body to its natural state.

Embodied Living 1 - the Principles of Practice

A 7-week online course to change your life.

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About this course

Introducing Acquaviva Yoga

These recordings of my live online  6-week courses are designed to give you a complete guided tour of the body, bringing awareness to key relationships through action and breath, using simple functional postures and movements as the framework.

Week by week you be guided in specific practices that bring you directly in touch with the body's innate intelligence.  The course acts as structured support for the process that this initiates. 

I offer new ways of understanding movement and support, that will greatly enhance your practice, whether you are a complete beginner or experienced Yoga practitioner from any style of practice.

Sessions are around 90minutes each.  When you sign up you will be given access to the introductory session, then the following 6 sessions will arrive on your dashboard over the subsequent 6 weeks.  Once you have access to a recorded session, you have access for life.

During the first  45-60 minutes of each session, I will guide you through  specific practices and relationships based on the theme for the week.

The second part of the session involves Q & A with the live participants, and I offer practical yoga solutions.   People that go through the recorded version of this course have said that this part is just as relevant to their in-the-moment practice as if they were there live.  

With the recordings, you also have the advantage of being able to pause, rewind and redo parts that catch your attention. 

To make the most of this course, my advice would be to practice a little bit daily.  10 or 15 minutes will do, although if you are enjoying it, and have the time to do more I have found that there is no actual limit to how long I could practice if I wanted to.  If you start with something that caught your interest on the session, the body will begin to remind you of other things..  It could be a principle,  a direction of attention, or some relationship that I invite you to explore.   If this kind of awareness finds its way into your daily life, then you will have begun the process of embodied living. It is quite a natural outcome of the practice, but only if you invite it.  It is this that changes people's lives - there is an empowerment that comes with listening directly to the body's own intelligence.  It gives us accurate clues about how we truly feel about things,  and its voice can act as the wisest of guides through life.     It is this particular realisation and experience that my students find to be one of most profound benefits of practice.

- Marc J Acquaviva -

Course content

Embodied Living - 7 weeks to change your life.

Introductory Session

Session 1 - Making friends with your Touch

Session 2 - Making Space!

Session 3 - Finding your Centre

Session 4 - The Practice - finding your flow.

Session 5 - The Breath is the Key


Session 6: Letting go into the outcome !

Awaken to the intelligence of the body!

The body itself holds the wisdom of the ages. For me 'Embodiment' means full immersion in that wisdom - Transformation is the inevitable outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when do I get access all the sessions on this course?

From sign-up you should have immediate access to the first session. Each subsequent week you will see the 'next lesson' appear on your Dashboard. So visit this page one week after you have signed up and you will have access to the second session - until you have 'completed course'. Once you have access to a session, you have access for life.

Meet the expert

Marc J Acquaviva

Yoga saved my soul.... I began practicing yoga in the 'Scaravelli-inspired' style at the age of 30 in 1991, and I used it to find my way out of a great deal of chronic physical pain. In the process I discovered my own ways of looking at the body that later allowed me to help others become free of various diagnosable physical issues, and I have been sharing this with people since 1999. Its effectiveness has led me to define my own style (and School) of Yoga: running courses, workshops, retreats and teacher trainings. My mission is to spread this work as far as I can, and with the advancement of online technology, this is becoming more possible. At 57 I feel like I am at the beginning of my life! and I want to share this possibility with the rest of the world.


ruth and 31 others have booked this class

Jennifer Lester

Marc has helped me discover how to exist and move in a way that has brought peace to heart, mind and body. Many Thanks.

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